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Come gather everyone and everything, at County Hall, Dorchester. Welcome and congratulate the 82 Councillors that will represent our county, our communities, and Dorset creatures for the next four years.
From our seas to our trees and everything in-between, come in your costumes, in your good-spirits, with your displays of love and respect for nature, for life.
Bring your songs, your poems, your creative expressions.
Bring your family and friends.

Supported by Dorchester, Weymouth & Portland Extinction Rebellion, Weymouth Climate Hub, Dorset Action, and many others. Add your name or organisation here, this will also help us understand numbers and how best to organise ourselves.

Contact Caz for more info / chat 07540997717

State of Nature Report 2023

This report lays bare the stark fact that nature is still seriously declining across the UK, a country that is already one of the most nature-depleted in the world.

The data show that since 1970 UK species have declined by about 19% on average, and nearly 1 in 6 species (16.1%) are now threatened with extinction. This is a timely reminder, if we needed it, that the nature crisis isn’t restricted to far-off places like the Amazon or Great Barrier Reef. It is right here, on our doorstep. We are losing familiar wildlife that we cherish including the hazel dormouse and skylark. 

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